The E-pro line of commercial catering equipment opens up a new world of possibilities. With over 30 years experience in the building, design and development of commercial kitchen and catering environments we have extensive know-how and experience in the field. We have found the solutions too many common catering area problems,through the development and manufacture of our own range of E-Pro catering equipment .

The E-Pro range of products are CE marked, and CFC and HCFC free (where applicable).

From heated transport trolleys, to buffet line components and display units, we aim to assist our customers in providing the best product to your customer.

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Pikaajalised kliendisuhted, mis põhinevad probleemi põhisel individuaalsel lähenemisel ja maailma tasemel tehnoloogilistel lahendustel - see on meie kreedo.
- J. Doe, CTO

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